Natural Spices

Natural Spices offers a wide range of natura spices who care about your health and beauty.

11,20 €

Grante Pomegranate sauce is natural product made from high quality pomegranate juice. Preservatives and Colorants Free!

3,40 €

Natural vinear made from mountain apples. Produced by double natural fermentation. Preservatives Free. Non Pasteurized. Non Filtered.

5,50 €

With its traditional, environmentally friendly harvesting method, Le Guérandais Guérande Salt has become the market leader for original salts.

3,10 €

Suitable for direct consumption, to improve various dishes, salads, cheeses, to improve the taste of sauces, soups, broths, etc.

3,70 €

Natural and pure lemon juice, obtained from carefully selected lemons from the Mediterranean region. Made in an ultra-hygienic system

4,10 €

Coconut cream is very similar to coconut milk but contains less water. Coconut cream has a thicker, paste-like consistency.

6,50 €

Ceylon Cinnamon - powder. Natural product - aromatic spiece. GMO Free. No added sugar. Has specific sweet-spicy flavor and warm aroma.

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