Liver & Bile

Liver & Bile offers a wide range of dietary supplements that act favorable for liver and bile problems.

16,50 €

Pure Sunflower Lecithin powder. Rich in phospholipids and choline. Gluten Free. Suitable for vegans. Does not contain lactose and allergens.

8,50 €

Liveda is а hepatoprotective supplement which provides support for hepatic detoxification, maintains integrity of liver cells and helps rejuvenate the liver.

20,90 €

Sideritis scardica - aqueous extract has a beneficial effect in lung diseases, cough, anemia, liver disease, nervous system disorders, etc.

12,20 €

Milk Thistle is favorable to detoxify the liver after poisoning with alcohol, cigarettes and junk food. Helps with gallstones, jaundice, constipation, hemorrhoids, cirrhosis.

6,80 €

Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) contributes to the functioning of the stomach and liver, increased activity of gastric flora, improves digestion.

2,10 €

Contributes to the adsorption of undesirable substances and gases from the body, safely discard them through the digestive system. Assist the kidneys and liver.

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