Boost Immunity

Boost Immunity offers a wide range of natural supplements to boost immune system, against flu, cold viral infections, etc.

4,30 €

Natural, ayurvedic tea from Sri Lanka. Contains 14 Indian herbs and spices. Quickly and efficiently crosses the symptoms of flu and cold.

4,40 €

Brewer's Yeast improves metabolism, strengthens the immune system, promotes the nervous system, maintains healthy skin, hair and nails.

8,50 €

The unique formulation of Immunrich helps in building a strong immune system, which is the defence line of your body.

4,70 €

Lactofit (probiotic + prebiotic) is recommended in indigestion, stomach upsets, stress, collapse of the immune system, antibiotic treatment, dysbacteriosis, etc.

20,90 €

Sideritis scardica - aqueous extract has a beneficial effect in lung diseases, cough, anemia, liver disease, nervous system disorders, etc.

23,30 €

VitaFit - liquid dietary supplement for children and adults! To enhance the body resistance and boost immunity. Favors quick deal with seasonal problems.

11,50 €

Elderberry favorable immune system. Helps with urinary tract infections. Contributes to normal levels of blood pressure and cholesterol.

8,60 €

Calendula applicable to treatment of ulcers of the stomach and duodenum, gastrointestinal, bile and others.

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