Herbal products

Herbal products 

Naturial.eu offers a wide range of herbal products lika a herbal tinctures, syrups, Bach flower remedies, etc.


Herbal drops (tinctures)

Naturial.eu offers a wide range of natural herbal drops (tinctures) who care about your health.

Herbal syrups

Naturial.eu offers a wide range of natural herbal syrups who care about your health.

Bach Flower Remedies

Naturial.eu offers a wide range of bach flower remedies who care about your health.

4,00 €

Kofol Syrup is a universal combination of medicinal plants that have anti-inflammatory properties to relieve cough. Sugar free - suitable for diabetics.

1,80 €

Natural product - Sideritis Scardica tea. Strengthens immunity, protects against colds, flu and cough. Two packs cover daily consumption for a one month.

4,30 €

Natural, ayurvedic tea from Sri Lanka. Contains 14 Indian herbs and spices. Quickly and efficiently crosses the symptoms of flu and cold.

2,40 €

Propolis tincture is very effective product for flu, cough, tonsillitis, herpes, sores, boost the immune system and more.

5,00 €

Naturial, Herbal mixture №1 is composed of 10 natural, dried herbs. Herbal mixture №1 can be used to aid gout. One month supply per pack!

4,50 €

100% natural product! Homemade recipe! SUGAR FREE! Suitable for diabetics! Powerful immune stimulator. It is used for flu, colds, pneumonia and others.

7,10 €

Herbal tincture. Health promotion on liver and kidneys function. Maintains whole body metabolism.

6,70 €

Herbal tincture. It supports the immune system and strengthens the body at colds, flu and viral conditions.

7,60 €

Herbal tincture. Helps he immune system. Health promotion. Benefical effect on throat and respiratory system.

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